The inebriating side of every Woman
Irresistible fragrances, refined packages that play with transparency and pastel colours, soft and impalpable textures, structures as delectable as a creamy dessert. Every Inebrya product has a strong seduction power and can lead anyone to an alternative world made up of beauty, comfort and warmth. But the Inebrya world is equally a world of functions and performances intended for hairdressers who aim at achieving the best, who want to gain customer loyalty through heart and senses, but especially results. Inebrya was born in 1999. The name comes from the Italian verb “inebriare” that means making someone happy, excited, energised, and it has the purpose of meeting the needs of haircare professionals worldwide thanks to a complete range and a promise of a strong sensory experience.

Here you will find all Inebrya products with excellent warehouse prices.

Classic & Special treatments

An effective treatment requires excellent professional lines. INEBRYA research and development laboratories have completed the best formulas with the most innovative active ingredients to create performing lines and sensory rituals. To obtain «silky touch» effects both in salon and at home.
Hair Treatment and Shape
  • Black Pepper - Black Pepper for Strengthening and hydrating your hair
  • Liss-Pro - Smoothing for rebel and frizzy hair with Caviar extract
  • Pro-Volume - Volume for fine and lifeless hair with added Arginine.
  • Curly plus - Hydrating for curly, wavy and permed hair with Moringa extract.
Hair Nourishing & Repair
  • Sakura - Regenerating, hydrating with Cherry Blossom extract
  • Keratin - Restructuring, nourishing and deeply hydrating with Keratin. Eliminates frizz.
  • Karyn - Repair for the color treated hair
  • Karyn Hygiene - To be protected from continuous cleansing, your skin needs excellent hydration.
  • Shecare - Reconstructing your hair with the power of Grape plant Stem cells
  • Uus Shecare 2021 - New revolutionary repair not only for hair but also for skin
  • Solemar - Anti-fading line for natural and cosmetic colour with a high protection UV filter and Agave extract
  • Argan-Age - Anti-oxidizing action against smog and external factors, enriched with Jojoba and Sunflower oil, effective cleansing action restores strength and brilliance
  • Age Therapy - Hair regenerating enriched with Collagen, Elastine and Sapphire Micro-crystals, gently cleanses, restoring natural body and shine
  • Dry-T - Enriched with Silk and Wheat Proteins, nourishment for dry, frizzy and treated hair
Scalp and Hair Wellness
  • Energy - Hairloss prevention
  • Balance - Sebum regulation for oily hair and scalps
  • Cleany - Anti-dandruff
  • Relax - Dermo-purifying and peeling treatment formulated to purify and rebalance sensitive and over-stressed scalps
  • Frequent - Regenerating, Refreshing and Detangling action for frequent use
  • Green -Shea Butter, Nyamplung Oil and Aloe Vera for deep nourishing and hydration.

Hair color

Wide range of coloring products for different purposes.
  • Inebrya Color - Professional hair colouring cream with Linseed Oil and Aloe Vera - help reduce skin irritation and provide natural protection for both the hair and scalp
  • Bionic color - Ammonia-free Professional Permanent Hair Color Cream, which combines the cosmetic and conditioning properties of Collagen with the illuminating and revitalizing benefits of Sapphire Micro-crystals
  • Kolor Vibes - High-performance SEMI-PERMANENT cosmetic color in gel, oxidant and ammonia free
  • Kromask - Nourishing colour mask to brighten, enhance and tone natural, bleached and streaked hair
  • Blondesse - All the shades of Blond, All of your Reflects! BLONDE ESSENCE, enter the new age of blond perfection.
  • Pro-Color - Special product line for restoring hair color with added gold, diamondds and rubies. Protects, repairs and enhances color and shine.
  • No-Yellow - Products specifically inteded to reduce yellow tones on your hair. Brings back shine on grey hair.
  • Oxy Cream - Oxidizing cream for BIONIC color line, helps to balance color uniformly and makes application easier.

Perms, Straightening and Protection

Inebrya has several products for curls, hair straightening .


Inebrya STYLE-IN styling product range emphasizes 3 «emotional aspects»: Fix, Model and Cover.
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